Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My new blog, imaginatively titled "blog.rightreading.com," can be found, not surprisingly, at blog.rightreading.com. Please check it out -- and leave me a post! ;-)

The foundation of the new blog is WordPress. This enables me to host it myself rather than using an off-site service like this one. WordPress also allows greater customization. For example, I can turn off the no-follow tag on comments, which is locked on with Blogger. No-follow denies link juice to commenters. This is small-minded of Google (part of their anti-spam obsession, which has proven a big failure so far). If I'm moderating comments and someone posts a thoughtful comment with a link in it I think the bots should follow it, and it makes no sense to me to block them. (I use the show non-PR links bookmarklet to see what sites are doing about their comments.)

By the way, at rightreading, check out Gutenberg and the Koreans, an article recently posted that some might find provocative, since I argue that there was more influence from Asia on the early European Renaissance than generally believed.

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chittavrtti said...

Speaking of following links back to their sites. I followed yourw regarding the book critic who couldn't be bothered. Today on Maude Newton's site there is mention of a couple of other book critics who stopped their asigned reading mid-way***CV